Soup of the day

CHF 6.00Tagesuppepng

Asparagus cream soup

CHF 8.50WildTagesuppepng

Wild garlic soup in bread cup

CHF 11.50ChnobliCremBrotToepfli01png


Choose one of the homemade sauces: French, Italian or honey dressing

Leaf salad

CHF 8.50SalatKleinpng

Mixed salad

CHF 12.50SalatGemischtpng

Asparagus salad with tomato vinaigrette on leaf salad

CHF 12.50


Beef tartare with toast and butter

small CHF 19.50
large CHF 30.00RindsTartar01png

Smoked salmon with toast and butter and horseradish mousse

small CHF 18.50
large CHF 29.00

Rigi - Hit

Crispy half chicken with butter rice and house sauce mild or racy

On advance order also Take–Away possible

CHF 24.50RigiHit02png


Portion of asparagus

hollandaise sauce CHF 21.50
house sauce CHF 20.50

Reduction of CHF 5.00 per portion of asparagus, with a piece of meat of your choice:

Pork escalope
CHF 10.00
Pork steak
CHF 12.00
Veal escalope
CHF 23.00
Beef hoof steak
CHF 21.00
Filet of horse
CHF 21.00
Chicken breasts
CHF 10.00
Lamb kidney piece
CHF 21.00

in addition your desired Herb butter, wild garlic butter, garlic or chili butter

Additional supplements:

Homemade egg noodles CHF 6.50
French fries CHF 5.00
Rösticroquettes CHF 5.00
Butter rice 5.00

Sawasdee Thai Style

3 pcs homemade spring rolls with sweet chili sauce

CHF 9.50

Main courses
1. Choose how it will be done

  • Pad Krapao (finely chopped meat with chili, Thai basil, garlic)ThaiPadKrapao
  • Fried with vegetables in oyster sauceThaiFried
  • Paneng Yellow-, Red- Green-CurryThaiPaneng

2. Choose the meat

Chicken CHF 27.50
Pork CHF 26.50
Beef CHF 31.50
Shrimps CHF 34.50

Fried ricenoodles vegetables, egg

Chicken CHF 27.50
Pork CHF 26.50
Beef CHF 31.50
Shrimps CHF 34.50

Traditional Rigi dishes

Cream Schnitzel Homemade egg noodles Market vegetables

Pork CHF 29.00
Calf CHF 43.00

Breaded schnitzel, french fries, market vegetables

Pork CHF 27.00
Calf CHF 41.00BreadedSchnitzel

Cordon-Bleu with alpine cheese, french fries, market vegetables

Pork CHF 31.50
Calf CHF 45.00CordonBleu

Sliced calf's liver butter rösti

CHF 31.50CalfLiver

Filet of horse with herb butter, french fries and market vegetables

CHF 39.50HorseFilet

Lamb kidney with garlic sauce Rösticroquettes and market vegetables

CHF 40.50LambKidney

Pork steak with garlic, chili or herb butter, homemade egg noodles, market vegetables

CHF 31.00

Small appetite?

Of course, we serve every menu also in "small" The menu price is reduced by CHF 3.00


A large part of our menu we can also prepare for you meatless - in the same way with homemade seitan

Origin: Meat / Fish

Pork - Switzerland
Calf - Switzerland
Chicken - Switzerland & Brazil
Beef - Switzerland & Paraguay
Horse - Canada & Spain
Lamb - New Zealand
Wild - Austria & France
Pangasius - Vietnam & Thailand
Giant shrimps - Vietnam & Thailand